Winter Trucking: Semi-Truck Features to Help Keep You Warm While Sleeping

Wintertime includes some of the most grueling months of the year to travel on. While you're actually on the road, it's easy to blast the heat and feel the warmth coming through the vents. When the semi-truck is parked, however, it's a whole different story. Taking a nap or sleeping for the night can be a huge challenge if you're dealing with cold-weather elements. Along with bundling up and using a lot of blankets, there are key semi-truck features that can help keep you warm while you sleep. Read More 

Starting From Scratch: Repairing Dings And Scratches In Your Car’s Paint

Any time you take your car out, you risk scratches, dings and damage. There are many different hazards, from kids to loose shopping carts, and even people with keys. If your car gets scratched, you do not need to invest hundreds of dollars in a new paint job. You can touch up nicks and scratches with a matching paint in your own garage. With these tips, you can get your car looking like new. Read More