Four Extras To Add To Your Box Truck When You Own A Moving Company

If you are the owner of a new moving or hauling company, you may only own one truck for the current time. Purchasing a moving box truck in used or in a distressed condition can save you lots of money, plus become an easy investment to recoup the cost on. If you have purchased a small box truck in order to start your moving and hauling company, there are some upgrades that you should make to the truck. Here are four extras to add to your box truck to help grow your moving and hailing company with just one truck. 

Van shelving

If you want to be able to move around small items without them being thrown around in the box truck or to create more space in a big move, you should install van shelving. Van shelves should be placed in the very back of the truck near the wall and bolted down. A steel shelf will hold small, yet heavy item, including tools and equipment, plus it will last for as long s you have the truck. 

A lift gate

If you want to save your back from heavy labor, plus make it easier to lift up heavy things all at once, you should install a lift gate on the back of the van. If you tend to perform residential moves, you should get a long lift gate that acts as a ramp as well. This way you can walk items onto the truck, plus use a dolly when necessary. 

Backup cameras

Learning to operate a larger truck than usual can have a learning curve. In order to safely maneuver the box truck into parking spaces, garages, and parallel parking on the streets, you may need a visual aid. Install a backup camera that can help you see the width of the space and any objects behind you. The backup camera can also help when trying to pull out of a space or when attempting to eject the electronically operated lift gate. 

Trailer hitch

Sometimes, you may need a little more space than just your box truck can hold. When this happens, you may use a trailer on the back of your box truck. Add a permanent trailer hitch to your truck in order to be able to hook on the trailer when necessary. A well-made hitch that can secure and hold several thousand pounds will also make it easier to hook up and transport cars on the back of your truck. 

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