Winter Trucking: Semi-Truck Features to Help Keep You Warm While Sleeping

Wintertime includes some of the most grueling months of the year to travel on. While you're actually on the road, it's easy to blast the heat and feel the warmth coming through the vents. When the semi-truck is parked, however, it's a whole different story. Taking a nap or sleeping for the night can be a huge challenge if you're dealing with cold-weather elements. Along with bundling up and using a lot of blankets, there are key semi-truck features that can help keep you warm while you sleep. These features eliminate the need to keep your truck running while you rest and can help you get through some of the coldest nights on the road. Browse through the various features to see what ones are most important for your driving needs.

APU Unit

A key to supplying heat and power to a sleeper cab is with an APU. These units offer separate power options from a truck engine. This allows your sleeper cab to be fully powered even when the truck is off. The APU is typically installed outside of the truck and on the side of the sleeper cab. Electric models of the APU can get charged while the truck is in use and have enough battery power to supply your cab with heating options while you sleep. Gas versions of the APU operate using fuel and run much more quietly than a standard semi-truck engine. By purchasing a truck with one of these units, you have the ability to branch out your heating options and use all types of sources.

Compact Air Heater

One of the main devices that can connect directly to an APU is a compact air heater. This small air heaters are made specifically for small locations like the sleeper cab of a truck. Once they are installed, the heater blows hot air through the sleeper cab using safe design elements. You can set a timer on the heater so that it fills the sleeper cab with enough consistent heat to help you fall asleep.


Semi-trucks that feature microwaves can help provide you with a lot more than just cooking options. A number of products are made to get warmed up in the microwave and provide you with comfortable heating options. For example, you can purchase a bag of hot beans or corn kernels. These soft pillow-like things can retain a lot of heat after being placed in the microwave. Once the bag is heated, you can place it over your body or around your neck. This will help provide an instant source of heat. The heat can last for over an hour in some cases, allowing you to fall asleep comfortably. If you need more heat, then you can simply reheat the item in the comfort of your truck.

Sleeper-Cab Radiant Barriers

Closing off elements of your sleeper cab can help keep heat from escaping the truck. The front cab of a truck includes the windshield and doors where cold air can easily penetrate. By purchasing a semi-truck with radiant barriers, you have the option of keeping heat inside of the cab. These radiant barriers are ideal for using with small air heaters. The heat will reach you more quickly and not leave the cab.

Sky Roof

Even in the cold winter months, a little bit of sunshine can go a long way in providing extra heat for your sleeper cab. During the day, a sunroof is a great way to let sunshine in without the cold air. The sun can provide a little extra heat so that the area is not so cold when you choose to go to sleep for the night. Many semi-trucks will have this feature installed. Some side windows may also be available on the sleeper cab.

Semi-truck dealers understand the cold elements that come with winter driving. They can help you select an ideal sleeper cab to provide you with the most comfort and warmth.