Preparing Your Old Car For The Junkyard

Do you have an old beater of a car sitting in your yard going to waste? If so, you may be losing out on the opportunity to make a little money. You might also be causing environmental issues without even realizing it. Old cars can rust if they are left sitting for too long. As such, the gas tank may leak gasoline. Just a gallon of gas can contaminate as much as 750,000 gallons of water. Protect the environment and possibly make some money by preparing your vehicle for the junkyard.

Thoroughly Search the Car

First, you will want to carefully search your car for any personal belongings. Check under the seats, in the glove box, in all the compartments, and even in the visors. Remove all paperwork and other personal belongings before you consider handing your car over to a scrap yard.

Make Sure You Have the Title

Be sure you have the title to your car before contacting a junk yard. Although some junk yards will take a car without a title, most will not. You will need to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the junk yard, which means you will need to have the title in hand. Make sure the title is valid. If you cannot find the title, you can always file for a lost title.

Remove the License Plates

Be sure to remove the license plates from your vehicle. Many states require you to turn over your license plates. If you do not have them, you may find yourself having to pay unnecessary fees. The Department of Motor Vehicles will often suggest canceling your plates and registration when you no longer own or have possession of a vehicle. In fact, you may even receive some money back if your plates are still in good standing, so it can be a win-win situation.

Part Out Valuable Components

Consider the fact that your vehicle may still have some components of value. For instance, if the wheels and tires are still in good shape, you might be able to sell them for a profit. If you are unsure what components hold value, you can always talk to an automotive guru to find out. Make a list of the components and then list them for sale so you can make money before junking your car.

Find the Best Deal

After you finish taking care of all the loose ends, call around to salvage yards near you to find out who is willing to give you the best deal for your car. Many junk yards are willing to haul the car off for you, which is beneficial if it no longer runs. The goal is to find a company that will not charge you to haul it off. It is even better to find a place that will pay you a little bit of money for your rundown vehicle.

Do not expect to get rich off a car that is headed to its final resting place, you may only get a couple hundred dollar out of the deal. Overall, you will be able to remove the vehicle from your yard and ensure that it does not cause any environmental hazards. Old cars can create an eyesore, so removing it from your yard can help you avoid fees since many cities will assess fines for rundown vehicles that sit in your yard.

Contact a junk yard near you to find out more about salvaging your vehicle and what to expect. You can also ask if there are any additional steps you need to take to take before sending your car off to the junk yard.